Tech roles maintain a death grip on all the top 10 spots except for one, while HR and other people-centric roles enter the list for the first time.

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Psychiatrists earn more ($252,385), and real estate agents and corporate recruiters have higher job satisfaction scores (4.4 out of 5). Despite that stiff competition, an IT job took the top spot in Glassdoor’s annual list of the top jobs in the U.S. Enterprise architects are number 1, followed by full-stack engineers, data scientists, devops engineers and strategy managers.

IT jobs rounded out the rest of the top 10, but people-centric jobs made significant progress this year with psychiatrist and psychologist entering the list for the first time at #22 and #34. HR manager is in the number 13 spot this year, with corporate recruiter at 17 and HR business partner at 39. Corporate recruiters were at number 46 last year.

Richard Johnson, associate economist at Glassdoor, said the presence on the list of these people centric jobs shows that companies are prioritizing hiring people as well as creating fulfilling work environments.

“It takes top talent to find top talent,” he said.

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Johnson said the enterprise architect job moved up from the number three spot in 2021 due to the job’s high earning potential, wide availability for remote workers and high job satisfaction. The ratings are a combination of three factors for each position: job satisfaction, number of openings and median base salary. Here is what the top 10 list looks like for 2022:

    1. Enterprise architect
      • Job satisfaction rating: 4.1
      • Number of job openings: 14,021
      • Median base salary: $144,997
    2. Full-stack engineer
      • Job satisfaction rating: 4.3
      • Number of job openings: 11,252
      • Median base salary: $101,794
    3. Data scientist
      • Job satisfaction rating: 4.1
      • Number of job openings: 10,071
      • Median base salary: $120,000
    4. Devops engineer
      • Job satisfaction rating: 4.2
      • Number of job openings: 8,548
      • Median base salary: $120,095
    5. Strategy manager
      • Job satisfaction rating: 4.2
      • Number of job openings: 6,977
      • Median base salary: $140,000
    6. Machine learning engineer
      • Job satisfaction rating: 4.3
      • Number of job openings: 6,801
      • Median base salary: $130,489
    7. Data engineer
      • Job satisfaction rating: 4.0
      • Number of job openings: 11,821
      • Median base salary: $113,960
    8. Software engineer
      • Job satisfaction rating: 3.9
      • Number of job openings: 64,155
      • Median base salary: $116,638
    9. Java developer
      • Job satisfaction rating: 4.1
      • Number of job openings: 10,201
      • Median base salary: $107,099
    10. Product manager
      • Job satisfaction rating: 4.0
      • Number of job openings: 17,725
      • Median base salary: $125,317

People mentioned “hybrid work” much more frequently in 2021 when writing reviews of companies on Glassdoor. The top jobs survey found a 626% increase in that phrase over the last year.

“Tech jobs in particular, such as software engineer with one of the highest active openings, offer the type of flexibility that people are looking for,” Johnson said.

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The survey found these jobs offered the most opportunities to work from home:

          1. Database architect
          2. Salesforce developer
          3. Solutions engineer
          4. Machine learning engineer
          5. Product marketing manager
          6. Enterprise architect
          7. Scrum master
          8. Real estate agent
          9. Customer success manager
          10. Cloud engineer

The also survey identified the most in-demand tech skills:

          1. Machine learning
          2. Distributed computing
          3. Time series analysis
          4. Statistical modeling
          5. Usability testing

According to the survey, the most in-demand skills outside of technical abilities are:

          1. Product management
          2. Contract administration
          3. Project management
          4. Business planning
          5. Account management

Johnson encouraged job seekers and employees to take advantage of their advantage in the current job market.

“Figure out what matters most to you, and find the company that most closely aligns with those values,” he said. “Or, if you’re just looking to upgrade to a new job, this list is a good place to start.”